Farm and Terzerie


Val di Donna is a farm that extends over a wide area of arable land and forests of "Mediterranean maquis" Inside, surrounded by nature there is the country house Terzerie.

Val di Donna farm is part of the land and woods which make up “Tenuta Versegge”, the family run farm estate run directly by its owners.

Agriculture closely linked to the traditions of the Maremma region is at the same time modern and respectful of the environment, which is the undisputed heritage of the area. An extensive range of crop cultivation with a particular focus on the cultivation of cereal crops such as common wheat, durum wheat, barley, spelt, sunflowers and other kinds of cereals which are in the process of being rediscovered today.

In the cork woods (Quercus suber) surrounding the estate there are numerous itineraries for mountain biking, walking or horse riding. These cork forests are interspersed with the typical “macchia Mediterranea” (Mediterranean scrub) including heather, wild strawberries, myrtle and juniper.